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never the same again

This visual handbook demonstrates the why, how, and what of event design with the help of real world application and case studies that exhibit effective event design. It will change the way you think about how events change the world you live in.

This book lays the foundation for creating a common language. A language that can be spoken and understood by those who know and those who don’t yet know the mechanics of events. It is a pragmatic approach for designing and creating events that matter.

The Event Design handbook will change the way you think, about how events change the world you live in. It shows the way to re-design your world, on one sheet of paper using the #EventCanvas. Download a 100 sample page preview or order your copy right away.

Available through major on-line bookstores |ISBN: 978 90 6369 | Authors: Roel Frissen, Ruud Janssen and Dennis Luijer | Format: Paperback | Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm | Pages: 204

  • Testimonial
    Joe Pine, co-author, The Experience Economy, Aurora, OH, USA, www.strategichorizons.com

    "The best events are not merely engaging experiences; they are transformational. By using the Event Canvas you will ensure the outcomes of your events meet your goals  and change your organization."

  • Testimonial
    Julius Solaris, editor, eventmanagerblog.com, Las Vegas, NV, USA, www.eventmanagerblog.com

    "The Authors have embarked in one of the most challenging tasks we have ever witnessed in the industry, changing the way we create events to offer better value. It will be studied by our children in universities, and have a massive impact."

  • Testimonial
    Panos Tzivanidis, Head of Hospitality, Events & Logistics, International Olympic Committee, IOC, Lausanne, Switzerland, www.olympic.org/ioc

    “Designing and planning for events is a complicated process by default and requires highly motivated and inspired teams. With the training for designing events by using the Event Canvas methodology, the team was empowered and built the necessary trust in itself to deliver innovative events for all stakeholders of the International Olympic Committee"




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The Event Design Handbook comes with access to an exclusive online set of resources, such as links, case studies, videos, learner cards, and canvasses. Access to this extra content will be available exclusively to those who have purchased the book.


  • Testimonial

    Roel Frissen

    #EventCanvas Co-Creator | Co-Founder eventcanvas.org foundation | Author EVENT DESIGN handbook

    About Roel Frissen

    Roel is entrepreneur, speaker, facilitator and event designer for corporations and associations. On a quest to create a common and visual language to ease the conversation between Event Planner and Event Owner, he created together with Ruud Janssen the Event Canvas. Roel is the co-founder of EventCanvas.org Foundation and Event Model Generation -the event design consulting & training firm Full bio.

  • Testimonial

    Ruud Janssen

    #EventCanvas Co-Creator | Co-Founder eventcanvas.org foundation | Author EVENT DESIGN handbook

    About Ruud Janssen

    Ruud is entrepreneur, international speaker, facilitator and designer of high stakes conferences & events. He helps organisations innovate by thinking differently based on functional, social and technological advancements using business and event model innovation. He created the Event Canvas with Roel Frissen to enable teams to systematically design events that matter. Ruud is the co-founder of EventCanvas.org Foundation and Event Model Generation -the event design consulting & training firm. Full bio.

  • Testimonial

    Dennis Luijer

    Story Engagement Engineer | Author EVENT DESIGN handbook

    About Dennis Luijer

    Visual Change Master Dennis believes in making thoughts visible by drawing them out into reality. His role in visualising how events create value, brings the narrative and long term perspective to life. As co-founder of the EventCanvas Foundation he works constantly to improve & design the visual tooling that helps to ensure great Event Design. As a visual work space consultant he helps companies to claim the space and train people to make their challenges visible by drawing them out.

  • Testimonial

    David Bancroft Turner

    Managing Partner Matrix TC | Co-contributor EVENT DESIGN handbook

    About David Bancroft Turner

    David Bancroft-Turner has been a trainer, coach and facilitator for the past 20 years after a successful career in Financial Services. He specialises in Leadership Development and continues with his pioneering work in the area of Organisational politics and Matrix Management. He has worked with many organisations in the Event Industry and has been a top speaker for many years. His book ‘The workplace politics pocketbook’ was published in June 2009 and has been reprinted twice.

  • Testimonial

    Dave Gray

    Founder XPLANE | Co-contributor EVENT DESIGN handbook

    About Dave Gray

    Dave Gray is a leader and manager with a background in design. He is the founder of XPLANE, a strategic design consultancy firm, and co-founder of Boardthing, a collaboration platform for distributed teams. Dave is the author of two books: Gamestorming and The Connected Company. His area of focus is the human side of change and innovation, specifically: How can you get people to adopt new ideas?

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The Story of the Book

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